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Brookwood Strategic Partnership with Polartec

Brookwood and Polartec are among the most experienced developers and suppliers of advanced fabrics to the U.S. Military. For decades, each has excelled in developing and providing the latest in technical fabrics to protect the men and women serving our country. Brookwood has mastered over sixty military specifications and provides our troops with unmatched technical and manufacturing abilities. Polartec has developed some of the most advanced protective fabrics and flame resistant technologies, providing our troops with the latest in fabric development.

Now combining forces and expertise, Brookwood and Polartec have entered into a strategic partnership to provide a superior weather protection system that optimizes operational efficiency in all environments. The system is based on the U.S. Military’s Generation III Extended Cold Weather Clothing System and proven proprietary technology. Base layers excel at moisture management while outer layers keep out even the roughest weather to protect against any climate threat. Polartec is providing the fabric for Levels I, II, and III. Brookwood is providing the fabric for Levels IV, V, VI, and VII.